c3c8707c942148f147c74afe19b50b5e Welcome to my blog, Modern Social Impact. I am excited to start this blog to highlight what is happening in the nonprofit sector, how people are making big impacts, what social change really means, and all the other random things that inspire me. I read a lot about the nonprofit sector, am an avid TED Talk listener, and get to work with college students every day who are trying to have an impact, so expect some article/video commentary, as well as some great stories from my students. This blog is mainly a way for me to put my thoughts into words, but ideally will also serve as a way to get your wheels turning and maybe inspire you to find what impact you can make in this world.

A little about me,  I began my undergrad at University of Florida as a business major, but I very quickly realized that it was not for me. I wanted to help the world and wanted a life with a more mission-driven career, so I switched to Sociology, minoring in Organizational Leadership. I very quickly fell in love people, communities, and nonprofits. I was amazed by the potential impact NPOs could have in their communities and how they could contribute to social change. What I came to realize though, was that nonprofits are businesses and in order to make real change and be sustainable, they need to be run as such. Business models can help reach an even broader audience and have greater impact. I took these lessons and my passion with me and went on to receive a Master’s in Nonprofit Management, did two years serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA, and involved myself in as much as I could related to the nonprofit sector, whether that was working in one or volunteering my time for informal consulting. I now work at the University of Florida teaching courses on social change and community engagement and oversee our community outreach efforts and service programs. I am dedicated to helping others positively contribute to the world as it makes sense in their life, and to help nonprofits and people succeed as best I can.


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