Telling your story: How to create a team of advocates

StorytellingResourcesFor some reason or another I have recently come across a lot of resources on storytelling. This is a great skill to have if you are a public speaker, but also in general with how digital this world is. Thinking about how we are telling our personal stories, and in an organizations case, a story to inspire others to join the cause/movement/mission, takes actively working on it. Storytelling is an art, it takes work and planning.

I took an online +ACUMEN class, and they taught us about the “Leadership PRESence Model”. This course is a great resource.

  • Presence is the ability to be completely in the moment
  • Reaching Out is the ability to build relationships with others through empathy and active listening
  • Expressiveness is the ability to express feelings and emotions through your message
  • Self-Knowing is the ability to be authentic and show your values

Storytelling is important to engage people and capture emotion and the feeling of the experience. For nonprofits this is HUGE! You have opportunities to tell the story, tell the need of your communities, and grow your impact through inspiring others. Every opportunity to tell an awesome story counts, whether it is a formal presentation, or in passing with potential supporters. Telling a vivid and compelling story can be beneficial in so many ways. It can build support, raise funds, inspire and motivate your employees, and overall just make you feel good.

There are some great resources out there. Here are a few that I have found helpful.

Getting the story itself down is important, but just as important is the method in which you tell it. Utilize technology! There are so many outlets for your story to be heard. A few that I have seen most are videos, articles, Twitter, Periscope, formal presentations, Instagram, photos, data/infographics,, Newsletters, Pinterest, etc. (these links are to articles on how to use them, not just to the platform).

Figure out what your story is, how to tell it, and go spread the word!


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